18 Interesting facts about Berlin you may not have known before!


Berlin is such an interesting city, full of mystery and magic. Think you know everything about the German capital? Well here’s some interesting facts about Berlin you may not have known before thanks to Wimdu.

Some interesting facts about Berlin you may not have known before:

1. On average there are 106 rainy days per year in Berlin… and there are over 180 museums. So, this means you never have to be bored on a rainy day ever again!

Altes Museum Berlin. (Source).
Altes Museum Berlin. (Source).

2. Ever had a late night hankering for a cold brew and no urge to go to the bars? Well Berlin has over 1,000 late night stores (known as Spätis) throughout the city. Of those, more than 70% are owned by those of Turkish heritage!

Späti in Berlin. (Source).

3. 50% of Berliners are single/not married.

4. Berliners live an average of 13 years in their apartments, while at the same time every hour 18 people move from one district of the city to another.

5. Street musicians can only play in 42 of the 173 U-Bahn railway stations. In the stations they can only play maximum one hour and in the pedestrian areas a maximum of 15 minutes.

6. Graffiti causes the city 35 million euros per year in damages. In 2014 alone there was over 11,400 m2 of graffiti covering Berlin’s railways. And just like magic, it seems to reappear each year.

Graffiti in Berlin. (Source).
Graffiti in Berlin. (Source).

7. Each weekend, between 40,000 and 50,000 people dance at Berlin’s world famous clubs.

8. And if your feet can’t keep up, you can buy a pair of ballerina flats for 9 euro at the “Fritzclub” in the post station from an automatic machine.

9. Each day in Berlin 950 Döners are eaten, equally about 60 tons of meat each year. Also each year, about 70 million currywursts are produced. That’s a lot of fast food!

Döner. (Source).
Döner. (Source).

10. Berlin’s International Beer Fest is the longest beer festival in the world at 2.2 km long!

11. While Berlin has a reputation for being “poor but sexy” that image is slowly changing. A luxury apartment in the town center recently sold for €5.7 million, and there are around 585 millionaires in the city alone!

12. Berlin’s neighborhood of Kreuzberg hosts Germany’s first and only vegan sex shop!

13. Berlin is home to over 494,000 foreigners from 185 nations. And only 1 out of 4 people living in Berlin have actually grown up there!

14. Each day 485 people move to Berlin, and 327 leave.

15. Around 1290 busses move 300,000 km throughout the city daily. Each day all of Berlin’s public transport travels far enough to circle the earth 8.7 times.

U-Bahn in Berlin. (Source).
U-Bahn in Berlin. (Source).

16. Around one third of people riding the train do it without a ticket.

17. Each year a train arrives late around 200 times.

18. In the central station, there are 17 bathrooms for 300,000 riders.

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  1. what? 60 tons of Doener a year? that’s utter complete BS.
    correct is: “On an average day 950 Döner spits are eaten in the city, and with each spit holding 63 kg, that’s 60 tonnes of meat a day.”

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