7 Must-See Summer Music Festivals Near Berlin


Berlin’s vibrant techno, electro and house music scene has firmly cemented itself as one of the premier nightlife destinations in Europe. With warm weather on the horizon, it seems the perfect time to start planning for those must-see outdoor music festivals, a staple of the German summertime. Check out some of the best ones in and around Berlin:

Note: a lot of the larger festivals are already sold out, but are included on this list because they are just that awesome! Also, the festivals are in order from their distance from Berlin.

Lollapalooza 2016

When: 10.09.2016 – 11.09.2016
Where: Berlin, Germany
Ticket price: €139

Just arriving in Germany last year, Lollapalooza is one of the most famous festivals in the U.S., featuring an eclectic mix of rock, pop, indie and electronic music. The festival has a carnival like atmosphere, even featuring a kids’ zone, garden, art exhibition space and much more.

Greenwood Festival 2016

When: 15.07.2016 – 17.07.2016
Where: Berlin, Germany
Ticket price: €70

The first Greenwood festival will be held near the Airport Berlin-Schönefeld, so it’s the perfect event for those who can’t, or don’t want to, travel too far from the city center. Along with a mix of electro, house and techno beats to listen to, the festival features tons of cool workshops—from yoga to hula-hoop-making to healthy eating!

Helene Beach Festival 2016

When: 28.07.2016 – 31.07.2016
Where: Frankfurt (Oder), Germany (about 100 km from Berlin)
Ticket price: €98

Located next to Lake Helene, just outside of Berlin, this festival combines all the best things of summer: sun, beach, water and outdoor music. The music mix combines local and international names with a blend of pop, rock, house and electro from Friday night to Sunday morning.

Feel Festival 2016

When: 07.07.2016 – 11.07.2016
Where: Bergheider See, Germany (about 130 km from Berlin)
Ticket price: €89

One of the smaller festivals on this list, the Feel festival attracts visitors with its picturesque beach location, well-tuned musical line-up and reasonable price (the early bird price is €69, but since sold out). The music features a mix of electro, bands, house and techno.

Melt 2016

When: 15.07.2016 – 17.07.2016
Where: Ferropolis, Germany (about 140 km from Berlin)
Ticket price: €136

Located on the abandoned peninsula of “Ferropolis, a former coal-mining site, sometimes referred to as the “Iron City” due to the remnants of the old mining machinery, Melt features some of the most famous global artists, and is considered one of the best music festivals in Germany. Electro, pop and rock are the main music beats, but visitors can usually expect one or two surprise guests, too!

Fusion Festival 2016

When: 29.06.2016 – 03.07.2016
Where: Lärz, Germany (about 150 km from Berlin)
Ticket price: €125 (sold out)

Described as a festival of “parallel society” based on “installation, interaction and communication” through “music, theatre, performance and cinema”, Fusion is considered one of the most unique festivals in the world, attracting 60,000 lucky visitors this year. The line-up features a mix of house, electro and House.

Sputnik Spring Break Festival 2016

When: 13.06.2016 – 16.06.2016
Where: Pouch, Germany (about 160 km from Berlin)
Ticket price: €105 (sold out)

Located on the island of Pouch, Sputnik Spring Break Festival attracts some of the most famous names in music, with the most variety on this list: pop, rap, indie, house and electro. Although the festival is sold out (and just around the corner) you can still enter to win tickets on their website.

Featured image from Eva Rinaldi via Flickr.