Could Berlin get a Muslim mayor?


The bad poll numbers are indicating that the SPD’s top candidate will have to step aside after the Berlin elections. Germany’s capital city could get a Muslim mayor: the current SPD head of the parliamentary group in the Berlin House of Representatives Raed Saleh.

Raed Saleh Bürgermeister Berlin Muslim
Raed Saleh could be Berlin’s next mayor. (Screenshot: YouTube / SPD Berlin)

A poll for the federal election on September 18th indicates that the SPD is currently only at 21 percent. The Social Democrats are just ahead of the CDU, Greens, Left Party and AfD. And for the first time in Berlin, there will be no two-party government. The most probably option seems to be “Red-Green-Red”.

For Berlin’s governing mayor Michael Müller (SPD), a result of only 21 percent would be a defeat. In the 2011 House of Representatives election his party had to gain 28.3 percent of the vote.

Raed Saleh could be Berlin’s first Muslim mayor

Hence, Gunnar Schupelius expects that the SPD will “react graciously” after the elects and will “send its head of state to the desert” (to oust him). That’s how it always happens, and the social democrats are prepared for that, he writes under the title: ‘Will Raed Saleh become the new Mayor after the election?’

Raed Saleh (39) is the chairman of the SPD faction in the House—but hardly any Berliner knows him. Instead, he prefers to be in the background.

Entrepreneur, father, Muslim

Raed Saleh was born in the West Bank and came to Berlin as a child. He graduated from high school at the Lily-Brown High School in Spandau. In addition, he is married with two sons and a successful entrepreneur. He is also an avowed Muslim.

Saleh is also dedicated to integration and building unity among Berlin’s immigrants. He sees his work in grassroots programs which focus on the economy, education and integration. Gunner Schupelius writes in his column:

Saleh is an experienced businessman and free from any pre-conceived ideologies. He would be open to the CDU, the Left parties and the FDP. He would choose to work with those parties with whom he could deal with the most and then quietly move into the Red Town Hall.

In my opinion, the SPD shouldn’t continue, however. It has been involved in the government for more than 27 years and provided the mayor since 2001. They are tired and need a break. But, if they do emerge as the strongest party from the election, Raed Saleh might not be a bad mayor.

If Saleh were elected, Berlin would join London as the second European capital with a Muslim mayor. At the beginning of May, Londoners chose the Labor politician Sadiq Khan as the new mayor.



    • Surely the important question isn’t what faith he follows, it is , is he the right person for the Job, In the case of the London Mayor, look at the figures, London has a Muslim population of 600,000, including those not eligible to vote, but he received over 1.4 million votes. So many people voted on the fact that they believe him to be the right man for the job.

    • Yeah and it sounds like the London mayor is starting his sharia law garbage. No bikini clad women on the tubes walls. They’re “body shaming”. No. It’s Muslim pressure. Plain and simple

  1. Don’t be idiots, most Muslims can’t leave religion out of the job they are supposed to do. You got Frau Merkel the closet Muslim which should be enough for any city to cope with

    • It’s a movie based on a book which is fiction. The names, characters and events are all fictitious yet it’s sold like it’s history. Auschwitz prisoners were able to send and receive mail, they had a library and schools, live theatre and movie night they even had a brothel. They had an orchestra and played sports and had a pool. They had dentists and hospital, over 3000 born in Auschwitz. They were labour camps and they even paid them for their labour.

    • Oscar Schindler was a member of the Nazi party and he is buried in Israel on Mount Zion. He was no angel but he recognised evil even if you choose denial. Holocaust denial is a crime in Germany and who would wish to deny it happened more than them. I think their shame blinds them to the danger they are putting the whole of Europe in. It’s like the World is on one sick merry go round of evil. With Russia and Turkey in Syria and the US and NATO on the opposite side who knows where we are heading next.

  2. HOnest to god people, what is the matter with this? Not all that long ago a similar post could have been made about Jews. Or Catholics in the US. The number one ranked mayor in the world (of Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is a Muslim…and is doing wonderful things for the city. Get a grip!!!!!

  3. They just lowered the age of consent in Turkey to 12 years old to accommodate the Muslim thirst for little kids and first cousins. Awesome !! How progressive !!

    • Petar Ticinovic Only criminal element of the Muslim community did that. Obviously, this guy isn’t one of them. Just like some Germans hated Jews, but not all of them.

    • Yep, he’s a true Muslim alright. He didn’t say a damn thing against it when his brethren in faith attacked Jews in Calgary year before last. People are so stupid not to see his true agenda.

    • Oh well, aren’t jews always being attacked for some reason or another? It’s not that I’m stupid, it’s that I don’t care because I figure jews can take care of themselves as they often seem to, especially by proxy. 🙂 And Calgary didn’t have mass sex assaults on new years eve because the Flames seldom lose an important hockey game at that time of year, not to mention the fact that people are less likely to misbehave when it’s -30 outside.

  4. That’s the game. Muslims take over capitals with the help of liberal socialist leaders. Merkel, Obama, Trudeau,etc. Lord , I pray you would open the eyes of the people who want to stay blind and give them courage

  5. I personally couldn’t give a toss
    Sadiq Khan is the Mayor of London and he appears to be doing an okay job
    I don’t agree with many of his political views but his religion has no bearing on his ability to do the job

  6. If Europe carry on this way we will have a Muslim in every corner telling us what to do, and if you don’t you will be called a racist. Be very careful with 60 millions of them and counting plus millions of white European from the left welcoming them the future is very interesting

  7. Why are they falling over themselves in every European country to help these Muslim animals. All of these left wing loonies are going to ruin Europe and the rest of the planet. God help us !!!

    • No more than white christians having all the positions of power. But that’s okay, isn’t it? Because they’re not niggers, sand version or otherwise. Right?

  8. Calgary has a Mayor that’s Muslim. Why not? He’s a mayor that is Muslim. If you say he’s a Muslim Mayor, then you’re a part of the problem.

  9. Incorrect, Chris. It was the MUSLIM mayor-elect of London who warned people to be nicer to his fellow Muslims, like a threat or something. Your being a cheerleader isn’t helping. On the contrary, you’re part of the problem, being so blind and tolerant of the religion of subjugation.

    • I think you’ve got this somewhat wrong. I live in London, and I have no problem with our new mayor. He’s got a modern outlook and I think he’s quite appealing. I don’t think that he’s thinking of advancing Islam here at all, just getting on with his job. His religion is secondary, I’m sure.

    • Religion of subjugation !!!!! Islam is the religion that teaches believe in the ones of God and do good to be successful. ..and we love it but your not the first to talk like that the arabs of the time of the prophet pbh talked like that and worse and islam overcame it

    • Dan Coleman
      Actually the mayor of London didn’t threaten anybody , he suggested it would be nice if we all tried to work together.
      There I was thinking the New Testament taught something very similar , seems a lot of people today are Christian in name only.

    • That would be the first muslim Renate that puts their ideology secondary. I read a news article recently where he is trying to enact a law in London to make it an offense to critizie islam. Yep, really fair and upstanding. Man, the socialist, left world view is truly a blind one.

  10. Only absolute fools among us would think that all muslims that become major won’t act out in favor of islam in all its horrendous evil if given a chance. The foolishness, ignorance, naivety and blindness of the socialist, left wing mind set, which islam takes advantage to get into places to manipulate and set up for islam has got to be stopped and people who are to blind not to see islam and the followers of it, muslims for what they truly are should just let those that see the truth lead. For example, all the islamic leaders in the Middle East have done nothing but, reek chaos and evil onto the country’s they are supposed to be leading, with a demonic drive to harm Israel and Jewish people, as well as Christians. In London, the foolish, muslim major there wants to make speaking against islam a crime and the many abuses and atrocities that are islam should be screaming at us to stop their infiltration, not electing them to public post anywhere! It is no secret that the socialist, feminist, political correct, left wing mind set that stands up for, supports and enables islam to infiltrate many Western country’s is by far a big part of the problem and plays into the hands of the globalist, New World Order people, who are using islam to create chaos and danger in the world so that martial law and a One World government, One World Religion and One world Monetary system can be implemented, it has already started.

  11. Holy fuck, the bigotry in these comments. Half the time you fucks was them to integrate, but if they DO integrate, or integrate too well for your awful tastes, they’re trying tot ake over. Just call them sand-niggers and heil Hitler and be done with it, huh?

  12. Wow so according to all of you people we need societies that are only one religion? so everyone of every different faith and creed must be put into different fenced in countries in case they have different opinions… because of course we know that if a Christian mayor was voted in or a Sikh mayor or a agnostic or what ever they would of course show favouritism to their faith… We all know that people who are doing their job or profession cannot do it without leaving their religion out of it…Right…? Right?…. You people are so ingrained in your hatred that you don’t even begin to make sense…. And of course you are all white…. probably at some point raised Christian and of course that makes you all experts on Sharia law and the Muslim faith… and politics….and of course you all know this man who is running for mayor… Expects…. everyone of you…..

    • Do you want a delusional individual who believes in talking snake’s, unicorns, flat earth, and that rape and murder are okay under certain conditions in charge ???

    • Kay Chester Yes actually I do because I research it. Due to the news of the Cologne attacks there has being a rumour mill produced by the extreme right… So lets get to facts… In 2016 Politifact deemed Donald Trumps statement that “Germany is crime riddled right now because of migration the Europe” as mostly false The fact Checker noted that Germanys crime rate particularly the violent crime rate is far lower than the U.S. data suggest crime rates of the average refugees are lower than that of the average German…. A report by Germany’s Federal Criminal Police Report or BKA shows that refugees increased by 440 percent of the population 2014 2015 number of crimes by refugees 70% only 1% sexual…. The number of crimes committed against refugees has increased… also after the collapse of the Soviet Union more than 3 million people of German decent migrated to Western Germany which led to a significant increase in crime… Again the statistics show that most sexual attacks from migrants are coming from men who migrate from Northern Africa while Syrian and Iraqi are lower.

    • Right, rumours made by the right.. What research have you done other than the ficticious articles posted by cultural marxist and anti-western sources? I’m certain in any other case, you’d want to haul people off to jail for the mere accusation of rape, let alone mass rape made by a single, INVASIVE demographic.

    • Ryan Squires The rumours by the right was not my quote but a quote from Politifact . I am not belittling or denying any report made by women in Cologne that night. The German police investigated and found their were attacks made mostly by migrant groups of men from the North Africa region. The point is that in the hatred of Muslims the extreme right are promoting a viewpoint that Muslims have a rape culture . This is unfair and unfounded. If you look at the actual statistics you would see that the percentage of sexual crimes committed by refugees is low compared to the amount of sexual crimes committed by the normal European culture. I find it laughable when people point fingers at a culture without examining their own. Rape comes from all cultures and religions with very little consequence from the justice system to the rapist and a lot of condemnation to the victims…Check out pornographic sites…There is a strong mistreatment of women theme going on in the storylines. American has the most sexual trafficking in the world…. Child pornography and booking trips to poor countries to pay for sex with children extremely popular among Western and European cultures… So before you want to hang all Muslims for treating women badly maybe you should look at your own culture?

    • And lol, the German police investigated and lied. The initial report said nothing happened. Then they said 100 women were sexually assaulted. Now a leaked document comes out indicating they lied a SECOND time and 1200 women were assaulted by thousands of migrants.

      Your country is lying to you about the violence against women it’s importing.

    • > rape comes from all cultures

      Yes, but it’s institutionalized in Islamic ones.

      Comparing rape to porn is fucking retarded lmao what the fuck are you on?

      Pornography is a choice women make to participate in for money. It’s not rape by any stretch of the imagination.

      >”booking trips to poor countries to have sex with children”

      That’s not a westernized problem then, is it? Wouldn’t it be the problem of the culture being visited? lmao you are dense.

    • Michael Miguel Mikhail If you really read what I wrote I not comparing rape to pornography I was saying that a lot of porn is fantasy about violence and abuse to women… and also incest eg. teen with step father titles….. so I am saying that our society that use to be based on Christian beliefs is so fast in pointing the fingers at other religions…And you are mentally handicapped if you are saying that booking trips to countries to have sex with children is not a Western problem…Are you kidding me? My god the fact that Western and European men want to do this.. is a huge sick problem…The fact that people take advantage of poor countries who allow this to happen to their children because of their extreme poverty is the worlds problem…my god do you read what you write? Also I still stand by the fact that the percentage of Migrants who came into Germany compared with the sexual crimes committed by them… is very low in comparison to the amount of sexual crimes done by citizens of these countries…. that is just a fact…look it up…read it….

  13. What a bunch of imbecilic, bigoted idiots.

    Who gives two hoots about his colour, religion, creed or background, surely all that matters is the best man (or woman) for the job?

    Thankfully the vast majority of people aren’t like the fossils on social media.

  14. There is a big difference between a Muslim Mayor and a Mayor who happens to be Muslim. This gentleman is a Mayor in waiting who happens to be Muslim.

    • Yes Paul keep taking the medication it might help you realise that no one is taking over London. You would have a different attitude if a Muslim or any other ethnic group wants to invest millions in London and create jobs, then you will be able to come off benefits and start paying your way like everyone else!

    • Very funny but I have worked all my life, raised a family and owned my own home. Never had benefits, they’re for people like you. Who come to this Christian country and rape it of all goodness.

    • I think you will find that Sadiq Khan – London’s Mayor – has a lot in common with you Mr Harcourt – he too has worked hard all his life, as have his family, etc etc…

    • It started when muslims invades Europe by German invitation. Passing safe countries. Beheading people and blowing them up. People like you protect them and feed their desire to kill.

    • What are you talking about pete munday? You say I’m delusional. How did it escalate to the mayor killing people? Who may know what he is planning. Like the trojan horse. They work from the inside. He has already removed posters of woman in costume. I’m positive there will be more to come. Invading our way of life. Let’s not forget Lee Rigsby.

    • Paul Harcourt Snr
      I despise terrorism , despise all Fundamentalist nutcases who slaughter people in the name of ‘God ‘. I also think wholesale migration to Europe is a bad idea and will cause a lot of problems.
      What I am not is an ignorant fuckwit who believes , for whatever reason , that everybody who happens to be Muslim is a blood thirsty savage , understand ?

  15. (((((AMERICA)))))) !!!! The Democratic Party is killing the Dreams of many Black Americans , by pushing welfare and more fail policies that have created a dependency as thoe they were a drug addict hooked on drugs……those policies thoe needed in some cases have stunted the growth of inner city communities across this nation and many young people creativity and innovation …. And That dependency has made many of our people lazy…… It’s time for the Black community to say I am fed up , enough is enough it’s time to kick this bad habit, and make a real effort to rebuild our inner city communities one by one …..Mrs Hillary Clinton called the back youth of the inner cities ” Super Predators ” who need to be healed by throwing them in prisons ” in a well thought out speech in support of her husband’s crime bill ….. No wonder there is a war on the streets with themselves , and police with these kind of fail policies in place …….. Like Mr Donlad J. Trump says ! (((((What Do We Haif To Lose ))))) ??? And the answer is “, another generation who Dont believe in the American Dream ….. Yes Sir ” , the “TRUTH” is hard to hear, and “CHANGE” is hard to make “, especially when you’re in denial and going through withdrawals of a bad habit that’s hard to break …..we the people, by the people, and for the people….

  16. Margaret:


    A Christian (which Obama claims to be) cannot say those words.


    Ed Tigchelaar

  17. What the hell anything is possible we got one that’s a President, and almost all of his cabinet is muslim, pretty soon say within 4-5yrs we’ll awake every morning with the chant, and have breaks during the day with prayers all the people going to work will bring their prayer rug with them. IT’S THE NEW AMERICA.

    • I havent met any but i see their work in Syria, China, Iraq, Iran, Turkey,Pakistan, Afghanistan, Belgium, France, and other counties with terrorist. They Treat woman really well. Why i hear they’re even going to allow them to vote some day i also hear they look very favorable on the gay community

    • Pete Munday, You’re obviously a terrorist stooge. You’re on every comment defending terrorists and urging people to be shariah compliant. You’re not very intelligent.

    • I have met muslims – obviously they are not all terrible people….DUH??? However only a totally blind naive person cannot see the glaring oppression that muslims bring to a country when they RULE the country – hello??? Wake the fuck up

  18. Nooooo don’t do it. Look what’s happened to London and now he’s on a jolly to America to meet Clinton all payed for . What’s that visit got to do with London. He wants sharia law too. Say no.

  19. Get over it.. Not like the white or black guys have all done such a bang up job at Mayors. I don’t care if they are polkadots, just do the damn job the right way, work for the voters not special interests.

  20. There are now so many Muslims there, and they all get to vote. They WILL pick their own and create their own Muslim state. No one seems to understand this simple fact. If you let them in to your land, they will try to take over. They do not wish to assimilate, they want to order you to assimilate to their ways.

  21. sounds like fix is in on this shit, no reasonably sane citizen would vote in people either so hateful or messed up in the head , to want to bring these creatures into our countries, seems like some real nasty undercurrent of rat shit is flowing behind the scene allowing this to happen,

    • Yeah! How dare he as a Social Democrat do things like start up sports programs to help street kids? The villain! And his skin colour has nothing to do with your knee-jerk reaction, does it?

  22. See, that’s what happens when half your country is muslims…. the refugees eventually put in their own in power, and then the rules change folks, the rules change, and not for the good of the “whites”

  23. Yeah maybe, but it won’t be for long! A storm is coming and all these evil lil sheets are going to be swept back to the hell-hole they came from really fast!

  24. What’s really ironic are all the bigots here stating that Muslims refuse to integrate when the very person you’re all shitting your pants about is actually supporting rules requiring children to undergo German language tests at the age of 4. But the truth doesn’t matter to bigots and racists, does it? Stupid useless fucktards that you are.

    • When they do try to integrate…they’re fined. I thought it was awesome that Muslim women found a way to be able to go to the beach and join in the fun…but that was taken away from them, too. It’s not that they don’t want to fit it….society won’t let them fit in. I’m ashamed by these people.

  25. Europe is about 10 years away from becoming a Muslim state, France has as much muslims as french citizens now, Germany going the same way Sweden is well fkd , europe has gone past the point of no return, 10.years muslims will be the majority and they will vote for sharia tha whole lot it’s just round the corner. The country has to do what the majority wants, this is how they are guna fk everyone over. Before yiu low it france won’t be france anymore

  26. People are so bigoted and racist that they can’t see beyond their nose,London is thriving no matter who the mayor is,there are always checks and balances and accountability,get your heads out of the sand and learn to live in a diverse world,don’t forget the British empire,the German colonies,French colonies etc no one wants to recreate the past but let us live for the future irrespective of who the mayor is off what city.people grow up

    • These screwed up Muslims have screwed there country suposidly lol so now they go to other countries for help only to force some of there failed ways/beliefs on other thriving countries and remember these resarts are suposidly running from these failed ways lol. It is funny how stupid it all works out to be lol. I say force them all back into there own country of failedness and make them fix that fucked up shit first then maybe just maybe they will be worthy of acceptance around d the world till then they are fucked up spreading destruction and untrustworthy by all remember they have ruined there own kind it is no ones fault but there own let’s see them fix there own first for a change instead of spreading the damage it isn’t rocket science ffs if there are really so many good Muslims prove it ffs

    • Oh people see and they see how you fucking muslims destroy every nation you enter and turn them into war torn hell holes. CRUSADERS UNITE time to repel this invasion of savages! Islam is the only ‘religion’ in open conflict with every society, religion, and culture around the world so I say yes ‘coexist’, COEXIST TO WIPE OUT ISLAM. Christians, Buddhist, Hindus, Jews, Shinto, Taoist, Atheist ect UNITE to defeat this plague on the world called islam!

    • This is my favourite one.
      Everyone knows that London was 100% white until khan became mayor in 2016 then within a few months he has apparently flooded the city with ‘his kind’.
      Yup that’s exactly how it happened.
      Just out of curiosity what do you mean by ‘his own kind’? Do you mean people born in south London in 1970?
      Like him.
      Or is this just really naked racism at play here because you’re scared of all dem brownies?

    • It doesn’t matter what one says some body is gonna twist it I am not racist to me all lives matter & no his kind are snobby gits I just don’t like him OK SO GET A LIFE YOU RACIST

    • What did you say how dare you insult ppl you don’t even know I am London born & bred you ignoramus pompous wannabe & as for my grandkids I wouldn’t think of insulting any child

    • ……. ignoramus no. Pompous , possibly. But definately a meanie. However you did say flooding the country with his kind. And that sort of comment invites a vitriolic reply. How come your comment is acceptable and his is not, both are based on opinion and not fact.

    • True but it was just a figure of speech I know he’s born & bred here I honestly do have a problem with his double standards I used to like him until he started talking at meetings with isis flag showing

    • This is gold Margaret. Absolute gold. Can you explain how I am racist?
      And can you show me images of him at these meetings with an Isis flag? In correct context?
      Also do you do stand-up?

  27. i am all people of race to run for any mayor etc you got to leave your ideology behind and not take it with you to your job you doing the job for all people some mayor leader and prime minister do not know that

  28. OMG! I thought London falling was bad enough, but Berlin too! It’s probably too late for Europe now too, as will be an Islamic state in the very near future. Very worrying indeed!

    • because i am civilized unlike you savages that follow islam. What part of that do you not understand. Remember this is not your country. What happens to you next is what you will deserve when the people decide they had enough of your kind.

  29. Germany deserves what it gets, the fuking fools! I feel no sympathy towards Germany or the rest of Europe for that matter. The only European countries with any sense at all are the ones not allowing moslem invaders in! In time those smart countries will be surrounded by islam. War will no doubt occur!

  30. Does the Quran really contain over a hundred verses promoting violence?

    The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers for the sake of Islamic rule. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.
    Unlike nearly all of the Old Testament verses of violence, the verses of violence in the Quran are mostly open-ended, meaning that they are not restrained by historical context contained in the surrounding text (although many Muslims choose to think of them that way). They are part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah, and just as relevant or subject to interpretation as anything else in the Quran.

    The context of violent passages is more ambiguous than might be expected of a perfect book from a loving God. Most contemporary Muslims exercise a personal choice to interpret their holy book’s call to arms according to their own moral preconceptions about justifiable violence. Their apologists cater to these preferences with tenuous arguments that gloss over historical fact and generally do not stand up to scrutiny. Still, it is important to note that the problem is not bad people, but bad ideology.

    Unfortunately, there are very few verses of tolerance and peace to balance out the many that call for nonbelievers to be fought and subdued until they either accept humiliation, convert to Islam, or are killed. Muhammad’s own martial legacy, along with the remarkable stress on violence found in the Quran, have produced a trail of blood and tears across world history.

    Quran (2:191-193) – “And kill them wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out. And Al-Fitnah [disbelief or unrest] is worse than killing…
    but if they desist, then lo! Allah is forgiving and merciful. And fight them until there is no more Fitnah [disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah] and worship is for Allah alone. But if they cease, let there be no transgression except against Az-Zalimun(the polytheists, and wrong-doers, etc.)” (Translation is from the Noble Quran) The verse prior to this (190) refers to “fighting for the cause of Allah those who fight you” leading some to believe that the entire passage refers to a defensive war in which Muslims are defending their homes and families. The historical context of this passage is not defensive warfare, however, since Muhammad and his Muslims had just relocated to Medina and were not under attack by their Meccan adversaries. In fact, the verses urge offensive warfare, in that Muslims are to drive Meccans out of their own city (which they later did). Verse 190 thus means to fight those who offer resistance to Allah’s rule (ie. Muslim conquest). The use of the word “persecution” by some Muslim translators is disingenuous (the actual Arabic words for persecution – “idtihad” – and oppression – a variation of “z-l-m” – do not appear in the verse). The word used instead, “fitna”, can mean disbelief, or the disorder that results from unbelief or temptation. This is certainly what is meant in this context since the violence is explicitly commissioned “until religion is for Allah” – ie. unbelievers desist in their unbelief.

    • you lying sack of shit you have deliberately misquoted these. The verse talks about those who are attacking you and actually states that if they desist then they should be escorted to a place of safety. I have seen most people only quote the bit about attacking non believers and not quote the who text so people who are too lazy to look it up believe it. You are the first scumbag that has deliberately changed the text you perpetuate you racist ideology.

    • Anwarul Jack Khan
      Are you saying that some Muslims, in the name of Islam, are not carrying out outrageous acts of violence, all over the globe?

      (btw, I believe that Colonialist interference in their ancient lands is unacceptable, and must stop immediately)

    • Anwarul Jack Khan I agree with u man, but calling her names just makes u as bad as her. Don’t let ignorant fools get to u, yes speak out against their bigotry, but do so calmly, don’t fall into their trap, they want u to explode so they can say, “Just another typical Muslim.” Be better than them.

  31. Ever wonder why democracy isn’t available in their own countries ? Here’s a clue ! Feet under the table , undermine government , introduce Sharia Law . It’s why you won’t see Muslims trying this stunt in Israel . I see the Isis flags flying around London have disappeared under their beds for now .

  32. If they imported so many muslims as London.
    It may happen.
    Our lesson must be
    Do not vote for politicians that do not value Canadian heritage, moral and ethical values.

    • Matthew Pettipas Obviously you are a person with a very good heart
      I believe politically and theoretically you are correct. In fact this is the way as USA and Canada where created and developed. North America’s populations are a blending of all sort of cultures and so far it worked out well.
      Unfortunately the civilized western world has been invaded by good people, but with different moral and ethical principles. People running away from their countries because under their social system and laws they are in danger or unhappy.
      But now, instead of accepting our laws, moral and principles they demand us to change because they miss the political system and laws they left behind. !!!!!!!??????
      I hope you would agree that If we do not accept hate to Jews and Christians, pedophilia, polygamy, genital female mutilation, arranged marriages, honour killing, hate, killing of infidels and apostates, body covering of females, terrorism and so on; we must not vote for politicians that support changes in our moral, principles, laws and way of living; just because these good people mean future votes.

  33. I don’t understand electing a muslim for any seat in the civilised western world…not getting a vote from thank you..I’m not evwer going to wear a 3 room burka tent thank you very much.

  34. If they do elect that mooslim then they deserve all that’s coming to them. I just feel for the poor fucks that don’t want that Islamic BS and voted against it.

  35. Don’t allow this man to become mayor. He will start implementing sharia law and every thing in favor of muzzies. Once he’s in, it will be had to get him out. Get out and vote people. Keep him out of office!

  36. Sooner or later people will have rise up in arms if your in a war and you have one bullet left who do you give it to the enemy or the traitor the answer the traitor

  37. A lot of inciting hatred as usual….the person who gets job will be the best for it.Also the fact it’s Mayoral position the candidate is already in government post and working with the communities.Good Luck

    • He is so tolerant and such a great London mayor, he as banned bikini wearing woman on advertisements on buses ect from London, keep the gd work up Islamic voters are praying to Allah for more bans that offend them to be implemented. You no gd C##T

    • So do CAGE.And many of the ISIS supporters he stood on platforms with.There will be no increase in London transport fares. Lied. Housing promise lied.And the only thing he has done is create thought crime.Allah Akbar

  38. Why is someone’s religion even brought up in a democracy? Who cares? It is relevant, so long as they keep their personal beliefs out of the public realm it shouldn’t matter.

    • How can you say what someone will do based on the actions of a few? Am I concerned about the potential? Absolutely. But as a citizen of the country, province, city, each of us has the responsibility to ensure they hold to the Constitution. Yes, if they overstep, oust them, but I would say that of a Christian or a Jew as well.

    • Tina Henderson
      Here we go again! You leftists always use that term. A FEW!!!
      Oh so there’s only about what, maybe 15 or 20 Muslims that have that radical mindset? Get your head out of the sand Tina. Five percent of Islam is radicalized. You do the math, what’s five percent of 1.5 billion??? These are the ones who firmly believe that Islam should rule the world. Now just as disturbing as that number is, there are millions upon millions more so called moderates who believe that sharia law should be the law of the land. There’s a Pew poll that came out a few years back, that showed the numbers of people in Islamic countries who believe in sharia law only, and the numbers were staggering. I have the polls saved to my photos, but unfortunately I can’t share them on this thread. There is a global jihad taking place at this very moment, and if we don’t stop the politically correct nonsense, they will dominate the planet, and our grandchildren will be forced to live under Islamic law. If you’re okay with that, then keep on doing what you’re doing!!!

    • 5% is radicalized. OK, how many Christians are? Think about it, they try to ban same sex marriage, abortion, divorce, put prayer back into public schools. There are millions of these radical Christians just in the USA. And how about Jews? How many of them outwardly HATE anyone of middle eastern heritage based solely on their differing beliefs. Radicalism is in all religions, none are exempt. So long as we continue to use religion as a dividing line we will continue to give it power. We need to stop giving it power.

  39. In a democracy where there is a separation of church and state, his religion should be irrelevant. In Canada, one of our major cities (Calgary) has had a Muslim mayor for several years. He’s very popular, in what is generally considered a conservative city, and by all accounts has done a first rate job. No sign of Sharia law.

    • Robyn … first, no one shames you unless you feel that shame, and why do we let others define that for us? Why are we so fragile? Are we not tired of victimhood? . . Two, it is not just “women’s” bodies used by the media. …ANYWAY, is one so fragile that these “unrealstic” bodies in ads (as opposed to, say, obese bodies?) “shame” those to suicide and bad health choices? I know the psycho babble industry says it is; there’s a lot more to one’s mental health than these “ads” being the impetus; that’s the real crime: Ignoring the mental health issues that reside within someone, ad or no ad. … But, again, if one thinks this kind of rule-making stops at “unrealistic ads”, think again, what else is unrealistic? Condom ads? How about Planned Parenthood ads? …. The road to totalitarianism is traveled step by positive step.

  40. No….just NO!! Not for 2,995 years should a Muslim ever step foot into any Public Figure where their Religion and people can harm others. On Sept 11, 2001…2,995 USA innocent people’s lives were taken “tragically and painfully” in 9/11 attacks by Muslim power heads (17 of those 19 terrorists were of Saudi Arabian descent)….these people planned all those 2,995 tragic deaths for 20 God forsaken years and many Moderate Muslim’s living amongst those Terrorist MURDERERS knew about this death plan and DID NOTHING to stop them and save all those llives….. 20 years of planning….. 2,995 innocent people killed tragically….for what??? TO put one of them into POWER?? Not one of these Moderate Muslims has STILL ever come forward…NOT ONE!! Justice needs to be served by the Muslim population who planned these Murders…especially the Saudi Arabians. NO ONE OF THESE MODERATE MUSLIMS SHOULD GET INTO POWER FOR 2,995 YEARS!! ONE YEAR FOR ONE INNOCENT LIFE MURDERED!

  41. And yet another one with his head in the sand! This is precisely what the jihadists want. They thrive on political correctness. It works very well for their cause, and the caliphate will be successful if this continues.

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