A spectacular breakfast at Neukölln’s Hallmann & Klee


Recently, I had the most delicious breakfast at a small café in Berlin. A friend recommended Hallmann & Klee a delicious little local eatery in the neighborhood of Neukölln. With an unpretentious, international vibe, this is the perfect spot for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Finding Hallmann & Klee – and making sure it’s open 

The restaurant is location a 15 min walk from the main Neukölln Ubahn/Sbahn station on Böhmische Straße 13. It’s tucked into the corner spot on a plaza, so you may not notice it at first depending on which direction you’re coming from. We went on a Monday and forgot to check opening hours (spoiler alert: they’re closed Monday and Tuesday). But feeding off the glowing recommendation from a friend, we decided to go back for an relaxing Wednesday morning indulgence.

Here are the hours:

Mi-Sa: 9h30 – 22h
So 9h30 – 18h

Mi-Fr Lunch from 12h – 15h
Mi-Sa Dinner from 18h – 21h
Sa-So Brunch until 15h

Our breakfast experience

The menu is simple, clean and modern. There aren’t a ton of options, but from what I can tell each dish is crafted with care and sure to be delicious. The (breakfast dishes at least) have an international vibe, with American-style pancakes and French style croissants on the menu.


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We went for the go-to German breakfast to share (called Das Grosse Brett). You can choose between all meat, all cheese or a mix of both. The dish is meant to be shared between two people and was reasonable prices at around €14. We were first greeted with a basket of warm, home made breads – from the hearty German variety to a light and airy rye, a mouthwatering ciabbata and a few salty pretzel rolls. They came with a small cup of butter and chunky sea salt.

We patiently waited a few minutes for the second portion of our breakfast to arrive – and it was definitely worth it. A beautifully laid out display of crafted meats and cheeses was placed in front of us – from smoked prosciutto to spice-rubbed ham, a fragrant brie to a delicious fresh mozzarella. Tucked in between was a small sampling of pesto, hummus, jam and cream cheese. Though a simple mix of ingredients, with each bite you could taste the love and care put into each dish.

What else do they have to offer?

The rest of the menu was equally beckoning and I actually wished we had the whole day to spend there just to try out the lunch and dinner selections. Again, simplicity is the key theme here – from homemade flammkuchen, to salads, gnocchi, soups, veggie sandwiches and even meat dishes such as lamb.

From what I could tell, the menu rotates often depending on the season and they favor a mix of locally sourced, organic (or Demeter) foods. In addition, the waiter was super nice and attentive.

Cannot wait to get back to Hallmann & Klee!