Volker Tabaczek: After the broken pier, now diamonds?


In the town of Kühlungsborn on Germany’s Baltic coast, the supposedly rich “uncle” Volker Tabaczek (56), from Steinhagen Neast near Stralsund, had promised to build a 500-meter long pier in the sea – with impressive features such as an underwater restaurant.

Investor Volker Tabaczek bleibt weitere Zahlungen für das Seebrücken-Projekt schuldig
Investor Volker Tabaczek bleibt weitere Zahlungen für das Seebrücken-Projekt schuldig

For about a year now, however, Mr. Tabaczek and his pledged 50 million euros are nowhere to be seen. The town’s mayor, Rainer Karl, can only present a picture of “Paradise Island” to visitors and locals alike.

“And now he’s gone. For a year now I have not seen him, nor have I heard him, nor have I ever been written,” says Mayor Karl.

This isn’t Tabaczek’s first disappearing act

A few years prior, Tabaczek was arrested at the Central Bank in Abu Dhabi when signing an investment contract – a presumptive fraud to the tune of 7.2 billion euros to the detriment of Iranian citizens. With the arrest, the deal was broken. The accusations weighed so heavily on the Sheikhs of the United Arab Emirates that they kept him under arrest despite the intervention of the German Foreign Ministry. In March 2011, the sheikhs released Tabaczek back to his homeland – albeit beaten and without teeth. But now he had a new genius idea – fresh prey in Germany. He had had the time to think it through during his extended stay in the U.A.E.

He thought about what he could do with his American companies – the Mount Whitney Group – thatc we discussed in a previous article. He simply claimed a bank guarantee program with interest of 20% and more a month. He collected money and transferred it to the USA.

The last four years have been good to him

Flash forward to 2015. Volker Tabaczek and his wife are at the beach of Kühlungsborn in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. His hair is tight, the teeth, which have nevertheless suffered in the investigation prison in Abu Dhabi, are again bright white. The last few years were good. The Mount Whitney number has worked. Millions are in the US on the accounts of the trust companies. It is time for future plans. First buy a cream plot right on the beach of Kühlungsborn, then build a large villa. Their name: Villa Sofie; The name bearer is his wife, Sophie Schützeichel from Gräbendorf near Berlin.

From then on, Volker Tabaczek had three important dates until the end of 2015:

1. Firstly: He set up a diamond trading company in Nevada / USA (a trustee has done this for him) and had printed prospectuses

From 2016, this is supposed to be invested in diamonds. The company is again a foundation and is called: On the Rockz Diamond Trust. This company is supposed to be a typical construction of Volker Tabaczek. It is a wealthy, trust-based company under the laws of the State of Nevada / USA. Economically, this is exclusively Volker Tabaczek. In our own view, it is already: “On The Rockz Diamond Trust benefits from the core competence of its actors, high-priced investment diamonds whose price is far below the usual retail price …”

The competence of Volker Tabaczek or special trade relations in the case of diamonds could neither be proved by witnesses nor by documents. The project is in the concept phase. The assertion of Volker Tabaczek that he founded this trust together with Ido Idzkovich could not be confirmed. According to Tabaczek, this gentleman is said to be a famous diamond merchant. Originally, a “diamond bank” was to be established.

2. Second important date in the year 2015: Now quickly make a fantastic drawing for Hamburg of a renowned city map for a few euro prepayment. A chill cooling port for dozens of millions of euros lets him draw and plan.

3. Third date in the same year: And then drive with the Porsche 911 to the mayor Rainer Karl to Kühlungsborn.

The mayor is happy – something is happening at last. An investor wants to take money and help the city. Volker Tabaczek grins: With the recommendation of Mayor Karl in hand, the doors open to the rich and the rich. The planning process lasts long. Meanwhile, Volker Tabaczek can look for investors for the diamonds, which unfortunately are not there.

Police and prosecutor’s office – but it is difficult. As Martin Steltner, spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office in Berlin, said: “The investigations, which are quite complex and quite lengthy.”