It’s going to rain tequila at Berlin’s Urban Spree


A cloud filled with tequila? Where do we sign up?

It’s raining tequila in Berlin

In an effort to lure Germans to Mexico, the Mexican Tourist Board teamed up with Berlin’s Urban Spree for quite the unconventional exhibit: a puffy cloud that rains tequila whenever it rains outside. In a partnership with Lapiz USA, they created a cloud using ultrasonic humidifiers, which turns tequila into mist. When the mist is condensed it creates drops of tequila you can collect and drink.

The Urban Spree

The Urban Spree is an exemplary exhibit of Berlin’s artistic scene. Located in Berlin-Friedrichshain, this 1700 square meter artistic space is dedicated to showcases all types of exhibitions, artistic residencies, DIY workshops, concerts and more. There are a variety of spaces that come together to form a cohesive cultural landmark in the heart of the city.

The Urban Spree in Berlin. Source via flickr.

The Urban Spree Galerie is a 400 square meter contemporary art space. Here, they promote a “grassroots artistic approach” by working closely with local street and graffiti artists, urban photographers and contemporary artists. The works on display rotate on a monthly basis, typically including a painting of the flagship “Artist Wall”. This 15 m x 8 m surface facing Warschauer Straße enjoys more than 100,000 visitors each day.

The compound’s bookshop is also not to be missed. Here, you’ll find a hand-selected collection of street art, graffiti and photography books. The focus here is on urban life, the vision of cities and post-industrial and decayed spaces. They also have a large selection of screen prints created by both local and international artists that curators personally know. The Print Shop offers vast variety of locally-designs and produced screen printed T-Shirts.

Within the Urban Spree’s Concert Room guests can enjoy live music on a wide musical spectrum including everything form cutting-edge electro to psyche rock. During the summer months they organize Urban Spree Summer Sessions, showcasing the best street musicians each Friday, Saturday and Sunday in their Biergarten.

When you’re not enjoying the show, the Biergarten is the perfect place to chill out. Here they have a selection of local German craft beers, soft drinks, Bonanza Coffee Heroes’ coffee, Paletas ice cream as well as two resident street vendors offering crafted foods around the clock.

In addition, the Urban Spree hosts a number of festivals and events throughout the year including: Pictoplasma Festival, Krake Festival, ComicInvasionBerlin, Amaze Festival, Midsommar Festival, Druck Berlin Festival, Berlin Graphic Days, outdoor screenings, diner events and many more.