Julian Winterhalter

This is how Berlin’s cab companies cheat the system. (Foto: Till Krech)

This is how Berlin’s cab companies cheat the system

77 percent of Berlin’s cab companies are not paying their fair share. An experienced eye can catch their tactics very easily: they underestimate annua...
Save World Peace by Fadia Otte (Foto: T.H.)

3 Religions Under One Roof: Fadia Otte Supports The House of One

Three religions, one House House of One: What do a rabbi, a priest and an imam do together in one house in Berlin? Something special evolves in our...
Filmmaker Xavier Dolan (Foto: official pressfoto)

Xavier Dolan reminds us on true film art in Cannes

Xavier Dolan shows everyone what he's got in Cannes. His premiere at the film festival leaves the audience and critics speechless. “It’s just the...
But Maureen still loves to try her boss's dresses. (Foto: official pressfoto)

Kristen Stewart is driving Cannes crazy!

Kristen Stewart is driving Cannes crazy The new movie from Oliver Assayas is starring Kristen Stewart. After the premiere screening in Cannes peopl...
Aquarius brings Brazil right into the cinemas of Cannes (Foto: official pressfoto)

Aquarius brings Brazil right into the cinemas of Cannes

Aquarius takes the audience in France, Cannes on a journey to and into Brazil. The 65 year old widow Clara is pressured from a Investment company to...
Cannes 2016 Pedro Almodóvars Julieta ist wundervoll emotional (Foto: offizielles Pressefoto)

Cannes 2016: Pedro Almodóvar’s Julieta is wonderful emotional

Sometimes people suffer one tragedy after another. Julieta is the story about a young mother that is experiencing unbelievable pain. It’s about pare...
Maren Ade is the favourite in Cannes for the Palm d’Or! (Foto: official pressfoto)

Maren Ade is the big favourite in Cannes for Palm d’Or!

Maren Ade is the big favourite in Cannes Every body keeps talking about the new movie from Maren Ade. The international audience could’t stop laugh...
Captain Fantastic: the surpreise in Cannes (Foto: oficial pressfoto)

Captain Fantastic surprises the audience in Cannes

Captain Fantastic surprised the audience in Cannes. Everyone expects something else from a good movie. The masses want action, popular faces and fun...
Premiere in Cannes: Wheat happened to the magic of Steven Spielberg? (Foto: offizielles Pressefoto)

Premiere in Cannes: did Steven Spielberg loose his magic?

Steven Spielberg in Cannes with "The BFG" Filmlegend Steven Spielberg is back. His new movie The BFG, the Big Friendly Giant, was shown for the fi...
Victoria Isakova (Foto: ofizielles Pressfoto )

The Student: premiere of provocative film in Cannes

Filmmaker Kirill Serebrennikov is one of the greatest hopes for the Russian film industry. This year, his movie The Student made in the famous categ...